FemResources Tech Job Readiness Model

Our primary focus: tackling tech job readiness head on through apprenticeships, career-accelerating strategies and competencies, and mentorship.

Why apprenticeship

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that by the year 2020 more than 1m technical jobs will need to be filled. Employers today can't fill all the tech job openings at their companies, because there aren't sufficient qualified workers in the talent pipeline.

At the same time, there's a growing population of women aspiring to a career in technology who have a degree and work experience. Problem is, the degree isn't in computer science and their experience isn't specific to tech. These career switchers are graduating from tech programs such as coding bootcamps, coming out of two-year community college computer science and IT programs with certifications, or have taught themselves to program through online courses. Because of their limited experience, however, most are not ready for a full time role as a programmer.

An "earn and learn" apprenticeship can be instrumental for transforming an employee with early tech skills to a more skilled and knowledgeable professional who's ready to take on a technical role. Apprenticeship provides an immersive experience where the employee learns and builds new skills, expands her ability to contribute as her skill set expands, and is fully supported while she's in the program to help increase the likelihood of success.

Why career-accelerating strategies and competencies

FemResources knows that one of the best ways to launch and advance one’s career is through developing a personal brand that builds and accelerates over time. We believe it’s never too early to start. Even though one’s expertise and core message will change as their career evolves, there are certain principles and skills that successful people embrace, hone and carry out throughout their lives.

The FemResources personal branding approach is founded on building skills and abilities to influence and communicate ideas — whether the ideas are straightforward or complex — through speaking, writing, and effective communication.

Why mentorship

Going it alone in life has rarely been an option. For early-career technical women, having a support system is critical. Key to this support is mentorship.

The right mentor at the right time can guide the mentee or protégé towards building and advancing a robust, rewarding career. A mentor shines a guiding light on the path ahead, and shows the mentee how to think strategically about her career and intentionally determine what success looks like for her.

A critical success factor in an employer-sponsored apprenticeship is the mentor: each apprentice has an employer-provided mentor, a person with deep expertise who is there to guide the way and give the apprentice technical guidance and advice for navigating the workplace.

How FemResources can help

FemResources is ready to guide employers on how to set up an apprenticeship, help source apprentice candidates, and provide ongoing support.

To learn more, contact Roberta Guise, roberta@femresources.org

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