Tech job readiness

Our primary focus is tackling tech job readiness head on through apprenticeships, mentorship, and career-advancing soft skills.

Why apprenticeship

There's a growing population of people aspiring to a career in technology who have a degree and work experience. Problem is, the degree isn't in computer science and their experience isn't specific to tech. These career switchers are graduating from tech programs known as coding bootcamps, coming out of two-year community college computer science and IT programs with certifications, or some have taught themselves how to program. And still, with all their experience and aspirations, most are not ready for a full time role as a developer or programmer.

Apprenticeship provides the critical vehicle for transforming an employee with early tech skills to a more skilled and knowledgeable professional who's ready to take on a technical role. Apprenticeship provides an immersive experience where the employee learns and builds new skills, expands her ability to contribute as her skill set expands, and is fully supported while she's in the program.

How FemResources can help

FemResources is ready to guide employers on how to set up an apprenticeship, help source apprentice candidates, and provide ongoing support for the team.

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