Our Goal

FemResources is a nonprofit committed to helping qualified technical women secure and keep the job they want, and helping employers attract, hire and advance tech women in their workforce.

Founder's Dream

As an immigrant from the UK and Israel who completed U.S. adult high school in her mid-20s, then spent another 5 years getting a college degree, FemResources founder and President, Roberta Guise, understands how women from nontraditional backgrounds can use targeted support to help fulfill their dream of a tech career that endures.

Roberta saw the yawning gender gap in tech and engineering roles, and at the same time learned that opportunities were huge, and growing. She founded FemResources to help move the needle towards gender equality in technology and engineering.

With research showing that firms with more women in leadership and nontraditional roles outperform peers on many metrics, employers are increasingly working to diversify their workforce, particularly in tech and engineering. And as the pace of innovation and growth in tech continue their upward trajectory, Roberta’s vision is that women fully participate as innovators, software engineers, makers and creators.

She emphasizes that with a certain mindset, intention and drive—coupled with aptitude—the opportunities for technical women to achieve and advance their careers will skyrocket.

Filling an urgent need

Employers understand they innovate better and improve their bottom line with a diverse workforce.

Women fill on average just 17% of technical jobs –even fewer in engineering. With employers hungry for tech talent, we're here to help tech women and employers find one another, and ensure women have a strong support scaffold for succeeding.

Our Vision

To achieve 50/50 gender parity in technology and engineering by 2025.

Tom Minczeski/Photoman.com

Tom Minczeski/Photoman.com

Tom Minczeski/Photoman.com

Tom Minczeski/Photoman.com