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Ditch the B* Stigma - Half-Day Workshop


Get ready to deep dive and ditch the b* stigma!

Back by popular demand! Our introductory session was so well received we’ve expanded it to a half-day interactive workshop.

Do you ever shrink from speaking up because you don’t want to be thought of as difficult?

Have you ever worried about the stigma against women being bossy, bitchy or overbearing?

Many women -- including women in tech -- struggle with being assertive because of concerns like these. The problem with not using a strong voice and speaking up: you prevent your personal and professional growth.

Instead of avoiding confrontation, learn how to stay true to yourself while amplifying your power.

Through real-world examples and unconventional problem-solving methods, you’ll learn techniques for developing  a self-assured presence that improves your verbal and non-verbal communication, no matter the topic. Building authentic confidence and making your communication style work to your best advantage are crucial to your success.