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Kristy Rogers presents: "You’re Not Misbehaving: Understanding Business Mode and Friend Mode in the Workplace"


Have you ever felt misunderstood, frustrated or confused when communicating with others at work or in business settings?

Everyone experiences it from time to time. A common yet hidden source of miscommunication comes from being in the opposite mode of whom you’re talking to.

Join us to explore how to improve the quality and productivity of your business relationships, and reduce your “people stress” in the office and wherever you conduct business.

Among the many takeaways, after this session you’ll know how to

  • Define each mode and learn to recognize which mode someone is in
  • Learn how to quickly shift modes and synchronize to their mode
  • Experience being safe and secure, which leads to being your best self
  • Choose partnership over adversarial relationships

We’ll role play real-life scenarios for instant, supportive feedback you can begin practicing right away!