FemResources’ Job Recruitment Research (2018)

In early 2018 FemResources conducted a small research study to find out the issues employers face when recruiting for technical roles.

Sources employers use to recruit


Out of 59 respondents, 63% said referrals count as their first recruiting strategy. Given that in 2017 women made up on average less than 20% of technical roles across the tech industry and at firms that hire for technical positions, referrals for staffing tech jobs may be the “villain in the room” still stunting diversity.


Assessment of recruits’ job-readiness


Given FemResources’ deep focus on women who are deeply committed to switching their career to tech, who don’t have a formal education or are self-taught (“nontraditional” backgrounds), we were fascinated with the answer to our job readiness gaps questions. Sixty four percent (64%) of respondents told us interpersonal soft skills — such as storytelling and communications — were key, with technical skills a distant second at 41%.

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What it all means

We’re analyzing the data, with plans to publish the report as soon as it’s completed. If you’d like a copy, contact author Roberta Guise